About SelPHPie

The idea for Selphpie was born at the Lone Star PHP conference in 2014, when I was going around trying to get "selfies" or "we-fies" with people I don't get to see very often. I thought it'd be fun to catalog my adventures with these wonderful men and women, so the idea was born. It didn't always have such a cool name though, Noelle Daley actually came up with the name and I loved it and it stuck (thanks Noelle!).

Most people find selfies obnoxious, but I'm not one of those people, so what better way to have fun with your friends! (there are better ways, I know, just humor me). At this point, all the photos on the site are going to be the awesome people I get to take selfies with, maybe at some point we'll get a submission process or something.

About Me

Selphpie was executed by Matt Frost - who is a selfie, burrito, tattoo and sous vide enthusiast. Also sometimes he runs far and sometimes he plays music.